In 2020 and 2021 GoodBuzz Solutions was hired to publicize the benefits of Vitamin D in the mitigation of getting COVID-19 and also in lowering the severity from the virus. A collection of hundreds of doctors across the globe built a coalition called Vitamin D for All, and they wrote a letter to governments urging the use and promotion of this vitamin to help solve this world crisis. GoodBuzz’s job was to share this letter with journalists and media outlets in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

Governments, public health officials, doctors, and healthcare workers were urged to immediately recommend people increase their intake of Vitamin D to reduce COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths. The letter of 200-plus scientists and doctors shared their research here:

“The data strongly suggests that vitamin D is the safest, easiest, and most important anti-pandemic measure the world is failing to prioritize,” says Karl Pfleger, Ph.D., biotech investor, former Google data scientist, and one of the organizers of

More than 80 percent of COVID-19 patients are deficient in Vitamin D, studies show.

The Open Letter states, “Evidence to date suggests the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic sustains itself in large part through infection of those with low vitamin D, and that deaths are concentrated largely in those with deficiency.”


A few key points:

  • COVID-19 is disproportionately worse for people with low vitamin D levels
  • 35-40% of the world’s population is deficient in vitamin D, which is worse during wintertime; rates are highest for those who are overweight/obese, have dark skin, are elderly or residents of care homes
  • These experts themselves take, on average, more than 6 times the recommended daily amount of vitamin D
  • The goal is that persons achieve and maintain blood levels of vitamin D over 30ng/ml (75nmol/L), a widely endorsed minimum with evidence of reduced COVID-19 risk. The suggested protocol for those not already receiving the recommended intake is 10,000 IU (250mcg) daily for 2-3 weeks (or until achieving 30ng/ml if undergoing testing), followed by taking 2000-4000 IU daily thereafter.
  • The organizers declare no conflicts of interest and are driven by a need to disseminate this essential information.


John Umhau, M.D., MPH, former NIH research scientist and retired Commander of the US Public Health Service says, “Decision makers need to act on the expert consensus that increased vitamin D supplementation is an inexpensive yet critical life-saving measure in COVID-19.”

GoodBuzz sent a news release to 2,000 focused health journalists, 371 journalists/outlets covering nutrition and vitamins, 711 covering pharmaceutical stories, the Associated Press News Network, registered it on PR Newswire — the oldest and largest release newswire distribution network in the world – where it will receive permanent storage and a private section for 90,000+ registered journalists to search as a research tool well into the future.

Our news release was indexed on Google, Yahoo, and other active search engines. Additionally, we harnessed our network to share this vital information with government agencies, state, and local elected officials.

Our news of the benefits of Vitamin D in combating covid had the potential reach of at least 63 million people with hundreds of outlets picking up our release plus many more sharing this news over the year.  Our news release was shared in newspapers, online news, broadcast TV, blogs, health journals, and other platforms.

This vital work was personally gratifying and I pray we saved lives and helped people stay healthy.

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