It’s been a busy month for GoodBuzz. Since mid-July, we’ve been charged with planning and managing the following eight events:

  • Celebratory home dinner party for 70 people
  • Movie Screening for 180 people
  • Marketing Luncheon & Workshop for 8 people
  • Day-Long Training Workshop for 100 people
  • A political fundraiser for 385 guests
  • Day-Long Corporate Conference for 500 attendees
  • Intimate Donor Luncheon for 20+ people
  • Reception and book signing party for 60+ guests

This year has been our best year yet as a business! I’m constantly thanking God for His providence. However, I’m always looking to take on new clients and new challenges.

GoodBuzz can serve as a “marketing director for hire” on a monthly retainer contract or can serve you with specific a la carte projects.

We offer the following services:

  • Website design
  • Website domain purchase
  • Website maintenance (plugin updates, new content and edits)
  • Keyword Research (each report per 20 terms)
  • Search Engine Optimization on your website and other outlets
  • Build and manage website forms
  • Blog management (writing, editing, posting, distributing <any or all>)
  • Writing & Editing assistance
  • Social media creation and management (build following, create and publish content, respond to private messages and comments/tweets)
  • Presentation and Speech development
  • Logo design
  • Design brochures, flyers, invites, and other marketing collateral for print
  • Plan events
  • Create list of events your brand could be networking at or represent you — alongside you or without you, if you’re too busy
  • Create a CRM database of your contacts
  • Develop email marketing platform and build list
  • Craft and send email blasts for your audience
  • Write news releases and distribute them to news outlets
  • Plan social media ads
  • Other marketing projects

Please contact us at or 512-596-1907 to start the conversation and strategically plan ahead.

If you’re interested in testing your brand’s marketing, take GoodBuzz’s free 31-question quiz with immediate 0 – 100 score here: We’d be delighted to review it with you and discuss how we might partner together so you become more visible. Contact us here.

Among Austin marketing firms, GoodBuzz Solutions harnesses the best of marketing, communications, and events to empower the brands of entrepreneurs, public figures, and organizational leaders to become more visible so they can achieve their goals and be the best. Put your marketing expertise to the test by taking the free GoodBuzz Online Marketing Assessment here. The quiz will evaluate you in seven core areas with 31 questions. Your immediate marketing score will identify your strengths and show you where you can polish your strategy – all for free!

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