You’ve heard it before. Seventy percent of new businesses are around two years later and only 50% hit the five year mark.*  So, how can your business stay alive and actually thrive?


Invest the time now to strategically plan for what’s ahead. With as little as a two-hour workshop you can begin the process.


GoodBuzz gives a tailored presentation complete with a guided template for your organization to answer and think through during the workshop and afterward with your team. We offer follow-up consultations to review your basic plan, and for brands with a larger budget, we offer a 3-month contract where we consult with you through all five stages and finish by giving you a complete, formal written strategic plan.


With 62% of all U.S. businesses having fewer than five employees,* we know the resources of time and money are tight and you need something quick to get you going and growing strong. Below are seven reasons why you should book a 2-hour strategic planning workshop today!


Reason #1: Gain access to a personalized coach to walk you through five stages of strategic planning


We will explore organizational marketing constraints/challenges with your institutional knowledge, mapping out SWOT (read this article here) and PEST analyses for your organization and for competitors.


Together, we’ll identify your core audience and discuss the creation of specific personas that detail out demographics, personal/professional descriptors, goals/challenges, interests, marketing message, elevator pitch, and more!


We’ll first review questions to ask in determining a strong mission. We will also begin the process of setting missional SMART goals that address meeting and exceeding the organization’s mission and defining what success looks like.


Learn to write and perfect your compelling message narrative for each persona. With your guidance, we’ll begin to detail out the benefits of your organization and explore your organization’s competitive advantage and unique selling proposition.


Pinpoint tactical tips to employ in these six strategy categories: website; social media; design & marketing collateral; events & external relations; email marketing; and media relations & advertising.  Specific recommendations and counsel will be provided based off your answers submitted previously in the GoodBuzz Marketing Assessment quiz. This is the fun part where you see what must be done to achieve greatness and have a plan to get there.


Reason #2: Receive a Strategic Plan Template to make your own


We will start filling in this individualized template during the workshop and you can take it back to your team and in your own reflection time, answer all the questions and fill in the gaps for completion.


You’re busy and need to get right down to how to sell more product, land more clients, and have a slam-dunk business. This template will guide you in industry best practices and researched data so that you can set and meet your goals!



Reason #3: Other organizations can vouch for the quality


Below are a few of our clients’ experiences with our strategic planning workshops and written plans.


  • A client in the Austin wedding industry hired us for the 2-hour workshop and had this to say: “We got some really good ideas from GoodBuzz’s strategic communications workshop that we plan to pursue. The Promotional Strategies & Tactics Stage was most beneficial to us because we don’t know a whole lot about SEO things. Lauren is a delight to work with and I have already recommended her to others.”


  • After hosting a marketing workshop with a non-profit organization based in Georgia, the founder said: “Lauren Day was an absolute pleasure to work with! We appreciate her time, energy, and expertise to benefit our organization! She is engaging, enthusiastic, easy to understand, and approachable. She makes marketing seem doable.”


  • A political organization in Austin hired us for the 3-month consulting contract to build out their strategic plan and said: Thank you so much.  Your professionalism added so much to the team.  You have exceeded all expectations!”


  • A client occupying the healthcare space in the Washington, D.C. area hired us for the 3-month contract to consult and build out their written plan, and said this: What I like best about working with GoodBuzz is Lauren’s positive attitude and thorough work product. The one-on-one communication and consistent video calls helped me understand the “why” behind things. The situation stage of the Strategic Communications Plan of conducting a PEST & SWOT analysis, reviewing our competitors, and conducting SWOTs on them was my favorite because we had never done it before. Lauren is committed to giving a top-notch product and really wants to understand your business. She is committed to being a partner to help you meet your business goals. We are absolutely delighted with her services and definitely plan to continue working with GoodBuzz!”


  • One of our faith-based clients in Houston after their marketing workshop said: “GoodBuzz gives practical ways to improve your business. They are knowledgeable, personable, and professional. Lauren was so helpful in helping me focus our marketing strategies, prioritize, and gave amazing tips to help spread the word about our organization and the people we work with. It was a great experience and eye opening of all the things I haven’t done.”



Reason #4: You get to choose the date and time and we’ll come to you


You’re busy, and some days and times work better for you than others. Plus you may want team members to join in. Give us a few dates and we’ll work with you.


If you’re in the Austin area, we’ll happily come to your office or home to maximize your precious time. If you are outside this area, we are flexible in doing the workshop over a video call or arranging travel for an additional cost.



Reason #5: The price is affordable


Get the private two-hour workshop with materials including the strategic plan template plus exclusive access to a marketing expert to ask specific questions for the low, affordable price of just $680. Email us right away to jumpstart your marketing strategic plan: [email protected]



Reason #6: Learn how to market your brand online and get the tools to start right away!


We explore best practices and then will give personalized recommendations to you in these core areas:


-social media

-design & marketing collateral

-events & external relations

-email marketing

-media relations & advertising


Our recommendations to your brand will come specifically from our own research and also from your disclosure in answering our 31-question Online Marketing Assessment. If you have specific questions after our recommendations for each category above, ask. We’re here to give you valuable marketing insight on-the-spot so you can get going right away!



Reason #7: Prioritize your marketing projects and discuss partnership


By the close of this 2-hour workshop, you’ll have the framework with which to develop your strategic plan. I’m happy to regroup with you and your team to review your template plan and brainstorm a path forward regarding specific marketing tactics.  We currently charge $350 for a second 2-hour follow-up consult plus $160 to review your template, exchange ideas, and discuss before the follow-up consult via calls and emails.

GoodBuzz can also serve as a “marketing director for hire” on a monthly retainer contract or can serve you with specific a la carte projects.


We offer the following services:

  • Website design
  • Website domain purchase
  • Website maintenance (plugin updates, new content and edits)
  • Keyword Research (each report per 20 terms)
  • Search Engine Optimization on your website and other outlets
  • Build and manage website forms
  • Blog management (writing, editing, posting, distributing <any or all>)
  • Writing & Editing assistance
  • Social media creation and management (build following, create and publish content, respond to private messages and comments/tweets)
  • Presentation and Speech development
  • Logo design
  • Design brochures, flyers, invites, and other marketing collateral for print
  • Plan events
  • Create list of events your brand could be networking at or represent you — alongside you or without you, if you’re too busy
  • Create a CRM database of your contacts
  • Develop email marketing platform and build list 
  • Craft and send email blasts for your audience
  • Write news releases and distribute them to news outlets
  • Plan social media ads
  • Other marketing projects


Please contact us at [email protected] or 512-596-1907 to start the conversation and strategically plan ahead. 

*Source: The U.S. Small Business Administration


Among Austin marketing firms, GoodBuzz Solutions harnesses the best of marketing, communications, and events to empower the brands of entrepreneurs, public figures, and organizational leaders to become more visible so they can achieve their goals and be the best. Put your marketing expertise to the test by taking the free GoodBuzz Online Marketing Assessment here. The quiz will evaluate you in seven core areas with 31 questions. Your immediate marketing score will identify your strengths and show you where you can polish your strategy – all for free!

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