I recently worked with the Travis County Republican Party to recruit donors and plan/run their first member-only 2019 Chairman’s Circle with Congressman Roger Williams

The exclusive dinner party was hosted in the lovely West Austin home of award-winning and respected top lobbyist Mike Toomey and his wife Stacy. Guests enjoyed mingling over a glass of wine or a preferred cocktail until they took their photo with Congressman Williams and then engaged with him in his formal remarks.

After, the 20 guests moved to their seated chairs for dinner catered by 34th Street Cafe Catering.

Members socialized together and spoke more in-depth with the Congressman as he moved between the three tables and took his seat at each.

This in-home dinner party netted the local GOP just over $50,000 with 14 donors/couples. We look forward to expanding Travis County’s most exclusive Republican donor club, ideal for industry leaders, elected officials, and the most dedicated activists who want the best networking opportunities to enjoy one-on-one time with those who advance Republican principles in Travis County and across Texas.

In 2018 we launched the Chairman’s Circle, the sustaining donor program of the Travis County Republican Party. The organization has historically had a annual budget of $20k – $40k, but last year in many thanks to these members, we were able to take it nearly to $500k. In our first year, we held the following events:

  • In January, Chairman’s Circle Members John and Cornelia Foster Wood opened up their lovely home for a private dinner with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to fellow Circle members.
  • In March, we hosted four Senate District conventions for districts located inside Travis County.
  • In April, all Chairman’s Circle members were offered complimentary VIP tickets to the annual Reagan Gala at The Driskill Hotel with Governor Greg Abbott with more than 250 people attending.
  • In July, all were invited to a private, advance movie screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of a Nation” at Gateway Cinema with almost 200 people attending.
  • In August, Chairman’s Circle members were invited to a private reception with best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza at the Texas Disposal Systems’ Exotic Game Ranch and then received complimentary tickets afterward to the VIP reception and the Summer Bash dinner with 519 people.
  • In September, we invited Chairman’s Circle members to a private luncheon at The Headliner’s Club with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
  • In October, all were invited to attend the private movie screening of “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” at Gateway Cinema and hear from one of the actors onsite.
  • In November, all were invited to the Election Night Watch Party with almost 400 attending and then Chairman’s Circle members were invited to a private reception with U.S. Senator Ben Sasse at the Austin Club later in the month.
  • In December, Chairman’s Circle members were invited to the annual Christmas Party at the lovely home of Elise and Kent Grusendorf, also Circle members.

In its second year, the Chairman Circle offers various membership levels to suit your needs. Membership is good 365 days – one full year – from the date of joining. Go here for more details on the Chairman’s Circle. 


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